Helpful Tips for Storing Furniture

If you are moving into storage for a short time, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, use a unit that is much larger than you need and one that you can get the truck very close to. This will mean the cost of the removal will be less, both on the way in and out. The cost of the storage will be a little higher but that will be well offset by the quicker unloading and loading of the truck.

If you are moving into storage for a long time, opt for quality storage and make sure you use a unit that is only just big enough to fit all of your furniture. The cartage costs will be a little higher but in the long run the storage costs will be lower and the overall cost less.

Some clients like to leave isles in their storage units to enable access to all of their belongings and Tiger Transport will be very happy to help with this. However, significantly more space will be used and therefore storage costs will be greater.

If you are doing your own packing for storage, make sure you use strong, good quality boxes. Over time, poor quality boxes will loose their ridgitity and damage the contents of the box. We sell good quality boxes online that are suitable for this purpose. Chip boxes and other light weight construction boxes that have been designed for light loads are not suitable.

Have available a good quantity of blankets and linnen that can be placed over furniture to protect it while it is in storage. If you do not have them, we can supply blankets or wrap furniture for you at some additional cost. We can discuss these isses with you when we do your free onsite quote.