Hourly Rate Moving Tips

The key to keeping costs down for our hourly rate service is preparation. We at Tiger Transport are quite prepared to do as much or as little as you as you see fit.

We will disassemble beds, furniture, trampolines and other large items, disconnect washing machines, remove dryers off walls etc. We are more than happy to reconnect appliances, assemble beds and place furniture in correct locations.

Completing these jobs yourself before we get there or after we leave will reduce the costs for our hourly rates.

To further keep costs down, ensure all your packing is completed before the truck arrives. Have a look at our packing tips to see how best to do this.

Another key way to keep costs down is to move small items to an easily accessible location, like your garage.

We do not mind if you want to help load or unload the truck, and this can also speed up the process.

Take a look at our general moving tips for more ideas.