Packing Hints

These tips will help make your move quick and efficient.  They will help ensure your unpacking process is easy and that your possessions arrive safely at your delivery point.

Start well ahead of your move date.  Allow yourself enough time to sort and throw away items you no longer need.

If you are very busy, try and pack three or four boxes every day until moving day.

Make sure you use cartons made out of good stong cardboard. We sell a selection of good quality boxes and other packing materials specifically designed for moving.

Avoid putting too many heavy items into large boxes.  Put light items in big boxes and heavy items in small boxes.

Cartons will be stacked on top of each other.  Be sure not to fill your boxes above the top as those items may get damaged.

Tape the bottoms of the boxes along the seam.  Do not criss cross the bottom.  Tape down the tops of the boxes when they are full.

Write on the tops of the boxes which room the box will be going into in the new house and a summary of the contents of the box.  This will save time when we unload the removal truck and a lot of time when you unpack your boxes.

Test the weight of the boxes and make sure you can lift them or close to it.  Removal men are strong, but you may want to move some boxes around after they have left.

When packing fragile items, be sure to use crushed paper in the bottom and top of each box.

Wrap individual plates with more than one layer of paper and pack them on their edge.  Glasses should be standing with plenty of paper to protect them.

Make sure you use proper packing paper.  Newspaper is too thin and will leave black marks on your belongings.

Remember if it all gets to be too much give us a call.  We can come and help you finish the packing.